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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Someone call H.R Geiger!

I think someone is ripping off his work.

For those of you not in the know, Geiger is the man who did the design concepts for the Alien movies. Check out his website if you're into seriously creepy yet awesome art. It's not everyone's taste, but it sure as hell isn't wussy.

He's got a... thing... about female figures in poses or in machines or... hell, I can't describe half of it. You gotta respect a man who's turned his issues into a business.

Anyway, getting back to the point: here is Exhibit A: the first alien/human crossbreed.

Courtesy of the oh-so-popular Photoshop Disasters blog. Which you should read, dammit!

I'm sure this lovely model has actual human proportions in real life, but the slavering graphic artists have decided that she's JUST! NOT! THIN! ENOUGH! for fashion, and they've shrunk her waist and other bits. I feel for her, truly I do. No one deserves this kind of treatment.

But take a look at the ad overall. It's got problems beyond the whole 'heroin chic' thing. Proenza Schouler sell clothes, and if the purpose of the ad is to get women to buy its clothes, I think they're failing. Let's count the ways:

  • Shitty color choice. All black vs. the model's face in color? It's like they don't want you to look at what she's wearing.
  • The model looks angry. Oh noes! People who buy these clothes will be angry!
  • Photoshopping some seriously bizarre anatomy problems onto a perfectly lovely model: bad idea. She doesn't look human any more, and I guess that's cool if you're selling to the alien hybrid market, but I thought these clothes were aimed at actual, real women.
  • The weird effect around the text kinda makes it look like someone made a mess of developing the photo. Or something. Either way, it's making my eyes hurt.

Strike one for Proenza Schouler! Maybe they'll knock the next one out of the park...

CJ, over and out
Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Don't you just hate it when...

...companies decide to be lazy about their advertizing? Or maybe their photographers are having an off day, or their legions of Photoshop gurus haven't been given their sedatives, and the end result just makes you want to scream 'OH GOD GET IT AWAY FROM ME!

Never fear - here at I'M NOT BUYING THAT, we welcome the horror and dissect it for our own amusement. There is no ad campaign too sleazy, no Photoshop mess too ridiculous, and no company too big for us to take pot shots at for their silliness.

And we like to talk in the royal third person because it makes us sound cool.

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