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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

INBT: Moving Pictures Edition! Also - SEX!

A friend of mine mentioned this the other day, and it was like having a light bulb the size of frikkin' Everest turned on in my head.

Did you know... you can use SEX to sell things?!

OMG, the world and everything in it suddenly makes sense! Even Scientology! And that Perfect Blue anime I saw a few years ago! My mind, it is blown, I tell you!

Ok, sarcasm aside, I thought adverts had gotten past the whole idea of trying to use sex + random product unrelated to sex IN ANY WAY in order to sell said product. Obviously, I was wrong.

May I present Birds Eye at it's finest:

The horror. For those of you living in caves with computers made from leaves, mud and your own hair, that's a video where a talking fish finger with a woman's voice strips off for two other identical fish fingers with male voices.

Someone needs to call Birds Eye and remind them that 'sexy' is not a word that should be used in conjunction with 'frozen sticks of dead animal flesh'. The message here seems to be 'buy our new fish fingers, they're sexy!' or 'buy our new fish fingers, and women will strip off for you!'

I'm not sure which is more problematic. Maybe they were going for the humor angle? Personally, I find talking, stripping fish fingers gives me a serious case of WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK, not a case of the giggles.

CJ, over and out


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