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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Toilet advertising: not always effective

Ah, Failblog. How do I love thee? Let me count the ways...

Who thought of putting ads in the bathroom first, I wonder? I expect they're currently swimming through a lake of cash in their solid gold castle in Bavaria, whoever they are. The location itself is a major win, when you think about it - where else do you have people's undivided, empty-headed attention? GENIUS, I tell you!

Oh, but this wouldn't be fun unless there was a screw up somewhere, and here on INBT, we love screw ups.

Especially in company.

And maybe with furry handcuffs.


Sorry, kinda lost my train of thought there. Where was I?

OH YES! Failblog. Right. Here's a lovely little example of advertising gone horribly wrong:

Oh yes indeed, this is a urinal, and that is the men's bathroom. Which has an advert for... something... for women drivers. Two options immediately present themselves.

  1. Someone, somewhere, forgot that women don't use the men's room, or
  2. "Bargain rates for women drivers"? There's a word we use to describe someone who sells women, you know.

Once again, confusing ad is confusing! The use of red on 'for women' also makes no sense. It feels very disjointed, which is not a good promotional method for a business. I can't imagine that they actually intended to convey a message about selling women, but if they did... Great holy hell, Batman, the marketing department needs to come back from their little time travel excursion into the Dark Ages.

We should always remember the point of ads - to get people to buy your stuff. Confusing and annoying your customers, or marketing to people who will never, ever buy, is a waste of time. This is the 21st century, kids - the Internet will maul companies who are not savvy enough to be sensible with their marketing.

CJ, over and out


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