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Thursday, November 18, 2010

You don't need grammar when you're a Street Fighter!

Ever get that feeling where you see a really funny ad, with a really funny slogan, and you read it and smile a bit? You might even chuckle, and shake your head, and then continue on your merry way with a spring in your step.

This is good advertising, the kind that marketing people have wet dreams about. Creating such campaigns, though, is not easy - and of course, we witness the messy attempts at greatness here at INBT!

Coming to you direct from the deepest darkest reaches of Kotaku, in the red corner - CAPCOM!


AAaaaaaand in the blue corner, wearing the gold and black shorts and weighing less than Kate Moss - CJ!

Yes, well. Capcom apparently went a bit nuts for oddball slogans this time around. Another shining example in the same campaign is "She's Got Legs." Classy, classy stuff.

Anyway, let's take a quick look here:

  • Okay, not being able to read the name of the game is pretty poor. Yes, if you know Street Fighter, chances are you don't need to see the name - but it would be kinda useful to know what version of the game you're buying. Is this Street Fighter: Let's Beat Each Other Up, or Street Fighter: Let's Do Our Taxes?
  • That is not a slogan that makes sense. You're trying to imply that it's a whole new experience or something - please. Let's not fool ourselves here. I don't think anyone is going to buy this game for the novel gameplay, and anyway, doing something again for the first time DOES NOT MAKE SENSE. I can feel my brain trying to escape already.
  • Dumb slogans abound! 'She's Got Legs' should win an award for Boring Obviousness. (Not strictly to do with this particular poster, I know, but it's in the same campaign and therefore a legitimate target.)

Sometimes I get tired of saying this, but making a customer go 'Buh?' may not be a good way to get them to buy things. It's funny in a way, because the other slogans in the campaign here are actually kinda cool - it's these two that are letting the side down.

You know, I loved Street Fighter when I was a kid. I loved the animated movie even though it's a thinly disguised attempt to sell more computer games, and therefore has nothing even vaguely resembling a proper plot. Oh yes, I was the kid who wore combats and dog tags and spiked up his hair and ran around yelling 'SONIIIIIICCCCC BOOOOM!' on Halloweeen. And I am not sorry, not even when I accidentally kicked my best friend in the face.

Ah, good times. Here, have an action figure of the 10-year-old me.

CJ, over and out


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