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Friday, March 4, 2011

Remember what I said about being controversial?

The ultimate irony, kids, is when an advertising company puts out its own ads, and they turn out to be so unbelievably horrible they make you want to vomit all over your nice new shoes. Today, irony, thy name is Virtus Communications from New Zealand.

The image comes courtesy of Seth B. Larsen's blog, which may or may not be dead.

I am struggling - STRUGGLING - to work out where the hell the dead body fits in to a successful campaign. What is it about ad agencies and dead women?! Is this really a selling point? TELL ME YOU SEE THIS TOO.

  • She looks dead. Is she dead? Did he just try to cut something out of her? So. Many. Questions!
  • Those look like hedge cutters in his hand. I didn't realize hedge cutters could make such a clean incision without leaving, oh, a bloody mess for example.
  • I don't get the apron. Or is that a T-shirt? Why is there so little blood on it? Is that a magic wound?
  • Blood isn't yellow, or orange, or whatever color is soaking into the thing she's lying on. 

Oh, I could go on. And on. And dear god, I'd never stop until someone took a set of shears to my back too. Like the trolley - who put bicycle wheels on a gurney? Are we not tired of seeing women being chopped up or killed just to sell us stuff?! Who finds this compelling, and when will they be sent off to the men in white coats?

I've said it before, and I'm saying it here again - you may think that you're being edgy and controversial, but what you're actually doing is spewing out stupid, offensive shit. And, quite frankly, calling you out on your stupid, offensive shit is a public service, because it's not good advertising, and we're never going to get anything better if you keep it up.

I am angry. Here, have a book.

CJ, over and out


Peer said...

I agree with you that this ad is simply ridiculous. I'd like to try to write a short deconstructive essay on it, for a school assignment. Thank you for sharing this and I love your blog.

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