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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Today's Text-Based Disaster

You know, the nice thing about terrible advertising is that there's more of it than I could ever write about, even if I spent all my time writing. It's like malware, or that spam you get from Nigerian princes who want to help you enlarge your manly flesh rocket - the stuff is EVERYWHERE, constantly taunting me with its lameness.

This blog is therapy, I swear. It's this or go out with a paintbrush and start drawing mustaches on everything.

Anyway, back to business... Today's fail comes to us courtesy of Modern Mechanix, a delightfully steampunk-ish site chock full of random oldey timey stuff.

Needless to say, a headline that blatantly encourages your potential customers to go on a killing spree is not exactly the most sensible course of action if you want to make money. Again, maybe that's not your intention - I still haven't ruled out the Advertising Illuminati theory of world domination through shitty adverts.

Maybe they're focused on a very specific demographic, that of the Unreal-Tournament-playing bug fetishists? The mind boggles. (And google 'Unreal Tournament killing spree' if you don't get the reference - what am I, your mother?)

Anyhoo, here's another computer game all about men killing for money. Enjoy!

CJ, over and out


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