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Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Million Dollar Question

If you've been following along with INBT at all, you'll probably have guessed that I'm a sucker for vintage adverts. Every time I see them, I can't help but get a dose of the warm and fuzzies for how shockingly inappropriate they look these days.

Sometimes, though, I have to wonder. We can give the guys who made the ads a pass because it was back in ye olde times, when men were men and women were interchangeable and disposable, it was the done thing to make ads that were so sexist, even the MGTOW brigade would have passed on them these days. (That's Men Going Their Own Way, in case you're curious, and I'd be totally down with their philosophy except they seem to dislike women for some reason.)

Anyway, this latest example comes to us courtesy of Randomn3ss, a site with a bizarre name in which a '3' is put in the place of an 'e'. IT'S MADNESS I TELL YOU!

Well, now I have to go and consult my lawyer. He may be drunk or high, but this is a simple question that I'm sure won't shake him out of his happily inebriated state.


Goddamn voicemail...

Alright. Next best thing - to the Interwebs!

AH-HAH! In your FACE, vintage sexist advert!

Aside from the truly bizarre question, I'm also left wondering what exactly is being advertised here. I can infer what a postage meter is, true enough, but I don't know how and why this is connected to a man in a laughably bad tie wanting to kill the Guinness Book of Record's Biggest Snob champion. I suspect I do not have the requisite philosophical skills to ponder the depths of WTFery going on here, so I think I should just leave it to other, more enlightened minds.

In other news, Amazon sells postage meters. Not the one in the ad, much to my disappointment, but still...

CJ, over and out


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