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Monday, May 23, 2011

Beer, Beer, Beer, RED TRUCK BEER

I'm more of a vodka man myself, but with the absence of quality vodka in many areas of the world, I sometimes have to take what I can get. Trust me, when you've been dealing with marketing sheep all week while sober, the only thing you want on Friday night is to get blind drunk on the nearest alcoholic beverage to hand, even if said beverage tastes like fermented mouthwash.

Now, beer is something of a hit or miss thing for me (I've never met a vodka I didn't like, however - make of that what you will). Some beers I would drink all day long, pass out happily with a smile on my face, and accept the hangover as a natural karmic consequence of having imbibed such ambrosia. Some other beers I despise with a deep and unholy passion, and nothing on earth can make me put them in my mouth willingly. Red Truck Beer falls in the middle of these two extremes, I think - I'll drink it, true, but I'll be thinking about vodka. Or a nice appletini.

Today's fail comes courtesy of the big red truck - behold!

Now, I saw this and immediately thought, 'How do you drink a truck?' Obviously their clever marketing ploy failed on me, and for that I should feel bad. As I kept looking at it, it dawned on me that the font wasn't exactly easy to read, and if you were in a hurry, you could mistake that 'tr' there for an 'f'.

At that point, I became very conflicted - this is either a fail of epic proportions, or it's the kind of subversive adult advertising that makes me giggle far too much. The purist in me wants to lean towards fail territory if only because that goddamn font is not working - yes, I know it's in character or some shit, but that's no excuse for ignoring basic readability. The internet troll in me wants to call it a win because HERP DERP FUCK LOL.

Hmm. It's a conundrum.

One other thing that made me suspect some kind of shenanigans is the fact that the tagline on the Red Truck Beer site is actually 'The Freshest Beer on Four Wheels'. Same silly font and everything. Did someone notice and change it to avoid possible internet mockery? Well TOO LATE, assholes! To paraphrase Reddit, 4Chan, and others... I SEE WAT U DID THAR.

Alright, alright, sorry. I'll go back to drinking vodka. This stuff clearly isn't having a good effect on me. Here's the red truck I wish I could afford.

CJ, over and out


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