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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Osama bin Laden Ads: It had to happen eventually

Yeah, yeah - two posts in as many days; you feeling alright there, CJ? What's with this new-found work ethic?

I don't usually post about good ads. This is a given, seeing as this blog is all about shitty advertising. It's not really on topic to point out ads that are really good. I'm largely okay with that, seeing as good ads are about as rare as fucking unicorns.

Today, I have to break with tradition and highlight an ad that I personally think is one of the best you're likely to see. Courtesy of my comrade-in-arms, the Copyranter...

You'd better just click on it to get the full effect. You might not actually get it straight away, but look at it a while and it'll probably jump out at you. I'll just wait here until you're ready.



See?! That's an emotional punch in the gut right there! It's shockingly simple, clever, and powerful all at once. The agency is MSTF Partners in Portugal, and this was made for a Portuguese paper called the Expresso. They deserve a fucking medal for this one.

(If you still don't get it, those are the birth and death dates of those killed in the Twin Towers bombing, and the last date is, obviously enough, the birth and death of the dude on the top left.)

Thing is, I've been expecting a lot of shitty advertising to pop up after the death of Mr Beardy up there, with companies trying to cash in on the wave of 'AMERICA, FUCK YEAH!' I got kinda blindsided by this one if only because it's appropriate and tasteful while still referring to two very touchy events, i.e. 9/11 and bin Laden's death. It works on a few different levels and across multiple languages, which is really not easy. There's not really much more I can say about it, except that it's one of the finer examples of my industry and I'd like to salute the guys that did it.

Anyhoo... tomorrow I'll be back to my usual vodka-fueled snarkiness. In honor of Expresso, and the fine job their advert agency is doing, here's a coffee maker.

CJ, over and out


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