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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Placement is for life, not just for Christmas

You know, sometimes you can do everything right and still get boned in the ass by pure, dumb luck. Or you can do most things right, and still get boned in the ass by that one thing that you didn't think of when you started your stupid marketing campaign, like your target demographic being offended by the use of squirrels or something. Such is life, and yes, it will cost you millions of shiny dollars to fix.

Today's poster child for idiocy is EA, the games company responsible for inflicting all those goddamn sports games on us. Seriously, how do you get away with releasing the same fucking game every year?! Are people honestly that dumb, or easily attracted by the prospect of slightly different jerseys or something? My rage, it knows no bounds.

Getting back to the point - behold, the insanity of EA's Medal of Honor campaign, courtesy of some site:

Oh yes, some marketing guru got in a whole heap of trouble over this. Medal of Honor - the game where you can shoot babies with a high powered rifle! Fun for all the family, especially little Timmy, who keeps whining about it and who will eventually get it when Mummy's patience snaps and despite the fact that he's way too young -

Whoops, getting off on another tangent there. Yeah, placement. You can argue that EA had no idea that this would happen, but I'd wonder why they didn't just buy all the ad space on the page or check what other adverts would be running. I mean, the name of the game is repeated four times there (five if you include the box), so why not go all the way and really shove that advertising down the reader's throat?

In other news, I'm trying out the new Blogger interface, so there will be no Amazon weirdness included this time.

CJ, over and out

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